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Personal Training Kelowna
Looking for a personal trainer in the Kelowna area? I have been offering one-on-one custom services for well over a decade. Whether you’re looking for personal fitness training, strength training, bodybuilding or elite sport training I have you covered.
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Personal Training for Anyone
The majority of my clients are women 35-55 and businessmen. People think I only train hard core bodybuilders and are surprised when they hear I spend most of my time training the average “Joe” tired of empty fitness and weight loss promises.
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Diet Nutrition/Weight Loss
If you feel the need to build a healthier diet or are determined to shed a few pounds I would be happy to put together a custom plan designed around your goals to achieve the quickest and most sustainable results.
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Kevin Weiss – Kelowna Personal Trainer

Health and wellness coach for Kelowna BC and area

Tired of the typical gym atmosphere?

Empty promises?

Cookie cutter fitness programs?

Inexperienced fitness instructors?

Weight loss programs that make you hungry, grumpy, broke but not less heavy?

Most of all… tired of not reaching and maintaining your goals?

This is where BodyPerformance Personal Training comes in. My name is Kevin Weiss and I operate a private fitness training facility located in Kelowna BC. Since I began offering personal training services in the year 2000, every single client of mine works exclusively with myself…

you will never be put under the instruction of a 19 year old with a 3 month crash course in “getting into shape”.

Training one on one in a private facility takes away the intimidation many experience in the larger public gyms and shifts the “need to measure up” mindset to one of meeting your own personal goals  at your own determined pace.

You are also assured dedicated, custom instruction from myself who has competed nationally as a bodybuilder and powerlifter and has chalked up more than a dozen years personally training men, women and youth alike towards meeting and sustaining their fitness and weight goals. All these benefits add up to streamlining the path to your ideal “you” which many find difficult to achieve in a typical gym setting.

No more endless miles on the treadmill just to fill time or the same old boring routine day in and day out. At BodyPerformance every action performed is done with a specific goal in mind. Even better… these goals are “yours” and yours alone. My sole job is to use my decades of experience and knowledge to help you look and feel great.

Many think because for 30 years I have been competing in bodybuilding and powerlifting I mostly train elite and high performance athletes. To the contrary, the majority of my clients are women aged 40-55, established businessmen and many youths/teens looking for strength training for their chosen sport.

Fitness and feeling good about yourself is not just for those who spend 3 hours a day in the gym. Health and fitness is about honestly assessing your life, schedule, diet and desire for where you want to be in the future and then building a custom exercise and diet plan around you and what you know you can sustain for the long haul.

We are all tired of the weight loss programs where we feel good after losing 10 pounds in 2 weeks only to feel worse then ever when we gain 12 pounds back. No one has time for the fitness programs where we have to commit time, energy and money to something we know deep down we will never stick with.

My goal is simple… to help you achieve your fitness, weight and diet goals and then sustain the benefits you receive as a result.

I am dedicated to working with you to build a custom plan you can blend into your current lifestyle and feel good about for years to come.

The other misconception of personal training in a private facility is it will be very expensive. Well… more good news!. My personal training rates are significantly lower than most every other personal trainer you will find in the large gyms. Since I don’t have the overhead of a large facility and employees to pay I am able to keep my rates reasonable enough to fit most people’s budget.

So if you are looking for a custom fitness program designed around your goals, a safe clean training environment and rock solid focused instruction for a more than fair price please…

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  • weight loss coach My goals in working with Kevin were to lose weight and increase my overall health.  I am pleased to say that I’ve achieved both of those goals… I have lost close to 30 pounds. Chris Docksteader

  • fitness instructor lorettaI am a fitness instructor and personal trainer who started working with Kevin 10 months ago.  In this short time I have learned more from Kevin than all my fitness courses and training combined.  Loretta Lachner

  • Dr. James Rochlin Personal Training TestimonialKevin is a truly gifted, understated teacher.   No kidding – I can’t imagine a better personal trainer
    Dr James Rochlin

  • Online Fitness Coach I had searched online for some time for online fitness trainers… In my searches I came across Kevin Weiss on YouTube… Hiring Kevin was the smartest decision. Alicia Hut

  • personal fitness trainerI have been trying for almost 40 years to control my weight, fitness and health on my own. I started training with Kevin 18 months ago and have never been stronger, fitter and healthier in all my life. Wade Webb

  • As a police officer I take my workouts very serious. Kevin has taken my physique to a whole new level and there is no better value for your money when you are looking for a custom fitness program designed for “You” and your goals.” Michael Nasser San Jose CA

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